Studiengang Economics [Master]

Studiengang Name Englisch:Economics
Abschlussbezeichnung:Master of Science
Regelstudienzeit (Semester):4 Semester
Vorpraktikum erforderlich:nein
Zugangs-/Zulassungsvoraussetzung: Hochschuleigenes Auswahlverfahren
Zulassung Sonstiges:Bewerbungsschluss abweichend bereits am 15. Mai.
Unterrichtssprache: Deutsch
Auslandssemester vorgesehen:nein
Praxissemester vorgesehen:nein
Besonderheiten:Optional als integriertes Studienprogramm mit doppeltem Abschluss an einer Partneruniversität (University of Adelaide oder University of Nottingham) studierbar.
Internationaler Studiengang:nein
Berufsbegleitender Studiengang:nein
Schwerpunkte:The M.Sc. in Economics program builds upon the expertise and reputation of our faculty in various fields of economics. It offers a lot of flexibility and is the most versatile program in economics that we offer. If you want a program that allows you to choose courses from the areas of economics that you find most interesting, then this is the program for you. Experts in economics become ever more important for societies to master key challenges of the future, such as achieving sustainable growth and avoiding unacceptable levels of economic inequality or unemployment. A broad range of field courses and electives gives you all the necessary flexibility to develop your individual academic profile in order to become such an expert. Graduating from this program, you will be able to understand the driving forces behind major economic trends and what these mean for firms, workers, and governments. You will acquire the skills to analyze economic data professionally and understand the logic of economic problems. Active student involvement is an important part of our education. You will be expected to write research essays and present your results in class. This seminar experience will prepare you for the work on your Master thesis under the dedicated supervision of a faculty member. The Master thesis will allow you to deal with topics at the frontier of academic research and to actively take part in academic discourse. An M.Sc. in Economics will be your first step towards an ambitious professional career both in government intstitutions and in the private sector. In addition to the M.Sc. in Economics, the School of Business and Economics offers two related programs: • M.Sc. in International Economics • M.Sc. in Economics and Finance Each of these programs starts with core courses that prepare you for subsequent field courses. They draw on a common pool of field courses, however, each program has its specific curricular requirements that reflect its philosophy and orientation.
Fächergruppe:Rechts-, Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften allgemein
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