Studiengang Biomedical Technologies [Master]

Studiengang Name Englisch:Biomedical Technologies
Abschlussbezeichnung:Master of Science
Regelstudienzeit (Semester):4 Semester
Vorpraktikum erforderlich:nein
Zugangs-/Zulassungsvoraussetzung: Hochschuleigenes Auswahlverfahren
Zulassung Sonstiges:Bewerbungsschluss abweichend bereits am 15. Juni.
Unterrichtssprache: Englisch
Auslandssemester vorgesehen:nein
Praxissemester vorgesehen:nein
Internationaler Studiengang:nein
Berufsbegleitender Studiengang:nein
Schwerpunkte:Course Profile The interprofessional and interdisciplinary Master’s Degree program in Biomedical Technologies offers practical orientation and internationality.The Master‘s program at the University of Tübingen is an excellent choice for students seeking advanced academic and application-oriented research training in emerging fields of Biomedical Technologies, integrating the core areas of implantology, bioimaging, and anoanalytics/ interfaces. The training is offered by experts in basic as well as clinical sciences and provides a comprehensive overview of the area. The program provides • lectures and modules embedded in a modern technological and medical environment and supported by an interdisciplinary team of internationally recognized scientists. • excellent study conditions in small training groups with individual contact to researchers and clinicians. • close cooperation with more than 40 universities all over the world, providing the option to pursue practical work experience or to write the Master‘s thesis outside Germany. • close interaction with companies and research institutes in Medical Technologies and Biomedical Technologies to ensure a competencebased study program, opportunities for practical experiences, and the inclusion of researchers from industry in lectures. Our central goal is to prepare our students to meet today‘s challenges and find a successful career in future oriented branches of Biomedical Technologies.
Fächergruppe:Mathematik, Naturwissenschaften
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