Studiengang Master in Social TransFormation – Politics, Philosophy & Economics M.A. [Master]

Studiengang Name Englisch:Master in Social TransFormation – Politics, Philosophy & Economics M.A.
Abschlussbezeichnung:Master of Arts
Regelstudienzeit (Semester):4 Semester
Vorpraktikum erforderlich:nein
Zugangs-/Zulassungsvoraussetzung: Hochschuleigenes Auswahlverfahren
Sprachliche Voraussetzung
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English Language Proficiency

As the Master's programs are fully taught in English we require proof that you have the necessary English language proficiency. For that we accept the following certificates:

  • a C1 or higher ranking according to the Common European Framework for Languages
  • an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher
  • a TOEFL iBT score of 100 points or higher

Other certificates can be accepted upon consultation with our Student Admissions Service.

Please note: Due to the current pandemic situation the and its logistic challenges we temporarily accept the IELTS indicator test as a valid proof of language proficiency; this test can be done online from anywhere in the world:

Only English native speakers are exempt from this requirement! Having studied or worked in English before does not suffice.

Zulassung Sonstiges:

Eligibility and Educational background

You are eligible to apply for the program if you have completed

  • a 3-year (or more) degree program in business administration or economics at a university or a university of applied sciences or a university of cooperative education (accredited undergraduate studies) or
  • a 3-year (or more) degree program in a related field of study at a university or a university of applied sciences or a university of cooperative education (accredited undergraduate studies).

A related field of study can be virtually anything from legal, social and cultural studies, to the humanities, linguistics or geography, psychology or philosophy, to even technological subjects and natural sciences.

However, you need to have gained certified experience in relevant management topics in your prior studies worth at least 30 ECTS (credit points). We also accredit for corresponding practical experience in the framework of an equivalency assessment.

Please note: If you haven't gained sufficient experience through either of those means you can still clear this hurdle by joining our PreMaster program in the fall term! Please find further information here.

Unterrichtssprache: Englisch
Auslandssemester vorgesehen:nein
Praxissemester vorgesehen:nein

The Master in Social TransFormation – Politics, Philosophy & Economics is situated in, and responds to, calls of our current time and for a more sustainable future to come.

Our present economic and socio-political situation and its complex globalized context, is characterized by a multiple crisis, unethical practices and unsustainable developments. Understanding and dealing with these realities require a more integral approach and holistic perspectives.

On the academic and public policy fronts, this is due to the fact that conventional theoretical and empirical approaches are fragmented, oftenmerely focusing on one specialized discipline, which is inadequate. Isolated perspectives are insufficient for a much needed comprehensive and inter- and transdisciplinary understanding of the pressing political, social and cultural as well as ecological/economic challenges we face.

Furthermore, with the emergence of new forms of populism, nationalism, and the rising tide of authoritarianism, and fundamentalism, democratic institutions are weakened and civic liberties restricted. Accordingly, there is a growing need for thinking and acting in terms of a post-national and intercultural orientation, especially concerning meaningful policy-making and collective-decision-making.

Based on these developments and needs, the overarching objective of this master program is to qualify students to become adept andresponsible that is ethically reflective leaders (or being part of team-leadership or distributed leadership practices), who can analyse critically and deal with uncertain, conflictual or ambiguous situations and problems in our complexified world. Studying the master program “Master in Social TransFormation – Politics, Philosophy & Economics” enables one to critically analyze, understand and reflect in a holistic way.

Internationaler Studiengang:ja
Berufsbegleitender Studiengang:nein

The master study program “Master in Social TransFormation – Politics, Philosophy, and Economics” at Karls is among the very few English-only programs in the German speaking countries. In particular, it has an edge with its focus on a culturalist and integral perspective that aims at understanding the interplay of philosophy, politics and economics as well as transformational perspectives as an interwoven nexus.

There are specific potential synergies and possibilities to integrate with the existing Master management structure and students. As this is a non-management program, some of the more generalist, holistic specializations and modules apply, e.g. from “Cultural Change & Society” and “Sustainability” along with some aspects of the main Master program already in place (Culture, Markets & Consumption; Governance: Norms, Rules, Rituals; Legitimacy: Ethics & Aesthetics).

Fächergruppe:Rechts-, Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften allgemein
Studienbereiche:Rechts-, Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften
Hochschulart:Privathochschulen - Fachhochschulen
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